Did you buy our Hollywood Mirror on QVC, and you're experiencing issues with turning your mirror on and off - OR dimming the lights?

As a high powered beauty tool, there are a few things to understand in order to get the most out of your Hollywood Mirror! If you have questions, PLEASE contact us directly - NOT QVC.

Here are a few trouble shooting tips:


Understanding the power source of your Hollywood Mirror is important, as it can help YOU get the brightest light setting possible. Please note: this mirror can be powered in 2 ways:

  1. USB cable to wall adaptor. This provides the best and most continuous power to your Hollywood Mirror which allows the LED lights to be the brightest! For the best results, plug your USB cable into a wall adapter and you'll love how bright the marquee lights shine!
  2. 4 AA batteries. Battery powering your Hollywood Mirror works if you are moving around and transporting it, but please note that the lights will not be as bright as they are with a continuous power source (the reason why is explained above).

Note: this mirror does NOT have a rechargeable battery.

TURNING YOUR MIRROR ON: Hit the power switch on the BACK panel!

If the lights on your mirror do not activate when you press the on switch on the mirror, do NOT be alarmed. In order to turn your mirror power ON, you must set the power switch on the back panel of the mirror to "on" as this controls the power of the mirror (Please see picture below):

Turn The Mirror On With Back Switch

HOW TO USE: The Smart Touch control panel 

When it comes to dimming your lights, or turning your lights on and off - the SMART TOUCH CONTROL PANEL on the front of your mirror is the primary control. 

Note that you do not press, you simply touch the buttons lightly, as they are touch sensitive and respond better to light pressure.

Please review the picture below for instructions on how to use these smart touch buttons:

Hollywood Mirror Smart Touch Buttons

Note: The Smart Touch Control panel will not work unless the power is turned on using the back-power switch.

Still need help, or have more questions?

We're always here and we're known for our great customer service! Please click here to contact us directly not QVC, as we can directly assist you best.

We hope these tips help, and that you LOVE your Hollywood Mirror!